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      Oakenvale Ltd.  Registered Office. 37 St Marks Close, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 2EU.  Registered in England & Wales - No 06630106.  Email. oakenvale@btinternet.com

08/04/11 - Latest


We’ve just realised that it has been a very long time since this page was last updated. Whilst there may not have been any major news, suppliers have been reticent to put out major offers, Oakenvale Ltd has continued to add customers and expand the areas in which we work. We can now offer PAT testing of electrical appliances at our usual great prices. We are also now the preferred installer of laminate flooring in Worcestershire for a major flooring retailer, this gained through word of mouth recommendation, always the best way to earn new business.


25/08/09 - Update


Oakenvale Ltd continues to grow it’s customer base with new contacts whilst existing customers often offer us repeat business. Our web site has been updated today, adding some of our recent work to our examples pages.


“I believe that Oakenvale Ltd is well placed within the market, and has the right  pricing policy, to best serve our clients during this time of financial difficulty. It will continue to be our policy to help every one of our customers to get the very best end product for the money they decide to spend with us”.  Kevin Bryan.  Managing director  


29/04/09 - Kitchen offer closes but lower prices carry on


The closing date for ordering a Crown Imperial kitchen at their sale price is tomorrow but there is good news for the future. Over the last 4 weeks I have negotiated trade discounts with 2 more kitchen and bathroom suppliers, discounts that will be passed on to our customers. Oakenvale Ltd is committed to keeping our prices down through managing our overheads, fair pricing policies and efficient working practices.


25/02/09 - Crown Imperial kitchen offer is extended


Crown Imperial offer a huge range of kitchens both in style and price. Oakenvale Ltd can source these kitchens, along with their bedroom range, at great trade prices which we endeavour to pass on to our customers.


Crown has just announced that they have extended their extra 20% off sale with orders needing to be placed by the end of April. This means further discounts for our customers from our standard prices. If you want to update or change your kitchen this year, this offer could save you thousands of pounds.


We believe that this is an opportunity to fit kitchens at even better prices than normal.  If you are at all interested please contact us for more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.


28/12/08 - Site updated, more images and extra pages


Whilst we are enjoying our Christmas break it has been an opportunity to add to our web site. We have added more images of bathrooms we have fitted and an extra page of miscellaneous work including a large bookcase into which an entertainment system was to be fitted,  a drainage system fitted to an existing patio and, my favourite, a tree house.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of our customers a very prosperous and happy New year. Oakenvale Ltd will continue to supply a high quality service at affordable prices for all of our customers. In view of the current financial situation we will strive to source materials at the best prices without affecting quality and pass those savings onto our customers.


07/10/08 - Its “web” live for Oakenvale.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new web site.  We hope that our existing and new customers will find the site helpful.  We have aimed to keep it as factual as possible. The site has been designed to give a flavour of what we do here at Oakenvale, to give prospective customers a taste of what we are about as well as providing that all important imagery to enable us to, as Kevin Bryan, Managing Director says “show our customers exactly what we can do and how well we do it!”.  Kevin goes on to say “I just hope that our customers find the site useful but if they have any suggestions about how I can improve the site from a customer’s perspective I would be very happy to hear from them.


11/09/08 - New image


Oakenvale would like to give its thanks to all at Broadgate Communications in Amersham for all their hard work in designing our new logo.  Our special thanks go out to Chris Cooling for all the time he spent in getting our logo just right.

Thanks Chris !!!


10/09/08 - Quality at affordable prices


We are very proud to be able to announce to our customers that we have been able to secure, what we hope will be a mutually beneficial arrangement with a longstanding quality kitchen provider.  Our longstanding relationship with our new quality partners will enable us to secure much better deals for our customers who are looking for that “something a bit different”, and the great news is our ability to be able to source at trade and share some of that benefit with our customers.

On this page of our site we aim to keep our customers, both existing and potential, informed of any offers and service improvements along with company news and updates.